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Resource Environmental Management (RESOURCE) is a full service professional environmental, health, and safety management company. We are capable of providing a multitude of environmental related services for you, including: federal and state compliance advisement, environmental geology, hazardous and residual waste management and transportation, waste and safety training, sUAS (drone), and environmental consulting. We have earned a reputation for technical and scientific excellence and innovation. Our independent science-first approach ensures that our strategic advice is objective and defensible.

RESOURCE is Certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) comprised of Geologists, Environmental Specialists and Technicians who serve some of the country’s most highly regulated industries. We continually strive to be at the forefront of our fields: delivering innovative, inspiring and sustainable solutions that set new standards and make a genuine difference to our customers and the environment. RESOURCE remains an ISNetworld qualified member contractor.

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At Resource, we strive on providing our clients with the latest technology and safety available,
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Sustainable Business Model

Quality. Integrity. Reliability. These are not mere words that sound good on a brochure, but values at the core of Resource Environmental Management’s mission to operate based on a strong interest in a multidisciplinary approach to science. To ensure outstanding service is offered and first-rate work is completed, RESOURCE carefully cultivates a team of professionals […]

Why Lab Packs Are Crucial

Many businesses, whether private or public, store and continually amass chemicals.  These chemicals may be ordered to complete work, or may be a waste product of a process.  Several facilities such as laboratories, healthcare facilities, and schools, to name a few, accumulate chemicals in work, lab, or storage areas. These chemicals can take up room when […]

The experience to deliver waste management solutions

As a leader in waste management, we bring together the expertise and resources you need to minimize waste and maximize assets.


"Thanks - really appreciate all the hard work you and everyone at Resource put in to get this to the finish line."

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